Minecraft For Xbox One Coming soon

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4j Studios have recently announced that the biggest selling Xbox Live Arcade game of all time, Minecraft is set to make a brand new appearance on the Xbox One. The big news was announced at this years E3 however no release date has been confirmed yet.

What will the difference be between Minecraft for Xbox 360 and Minecraft for Xbox One?.

The game itself will remain hugely unchanged, however there are a lot of rumours flying around to suggest that Minecraft for Xbox One will now have unlimited world space just like the PC version. This is something that I can really see happening myself given the fact that the Xbox One will be more than powerful enough to handle the upgrade. Another thing we are set to expect is Bigger Multiplayer, meaning more people can join games with friends making Minecraft that much more fun. Apart from them two things that I have mentioned above there isn't much more information to give in regards to what will be so different with the new Xbox One version of the game. On another note 4J Studios have also confirmed that they will continue to update both the current version on the game and the new Minecraft for the Xbox One, which should keep the 6 million current players happy :).

What will happen to all us that already have Minecraft for Xbox 360.

 Unfortunately It would appear that you will have to repurchase the new version of Minecraft for the Xbox One which is a shame however there were suggestions that thanks to the massively used cloud storage on the Xbox One there could be a possibility of transferring all your saved worlds over to the new versions, however this has recently been confirmed as not true, according to Phil Spencer because of the new Minecraft having bigger worlds it would be near impossible to transfer your current saves over, however Phil Spencer also believes this will not put fans of the game off from repurchasing the game.
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